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Courage is more than a word!

Courage, sometimes we all need it. Sometimes we all have it or we need to find it to face a certain situation. Courage is a hard word to understand let alone do!

I have fought my battles in life where I had no courage to face them but just handled it the best way I knew how.

Courage to be a mom, courage to get up each day, courage to love someone else, courage to work harder, courage to take a risk. It’s not only a word but a motion, a chance, a verb, a puzzle piece sometimes missing.

It’s hard to come across but once you find it, it’s unstoppable.

This year I made myself five promises:

1. Graduate school.
2. Get my license
3. Be open to possibilities.
4. Not to sweat the small stuff.
5. To at least meet someone great

A) I’m going to graduate in December.

B) I obtained my license ((TODAY)) after years of being so afraid of driving. I did it. To others it may not be a big deal, but to me it is.

C) I entered this year in a relationship and a week later single again. I put myself out there hoping I could be with someone great for me, not perfect, but someone who will perfectly fit me. It was a possibility that ended and though I was crushed because I took a chance after being single for so long. I saw the POSSIBILITY that this one didn’t work out because another great guy was on their way to find me. Call me naive but I think all things happen for a reason and people are placed in our life right when we need them most or when people don’t fit on the road were going, God removes them for that purpose.

D) I found freaking out over small things that didn’t matter only made you miss the things and lessons that were truly important.

E) and I did!!!

Everyday I need my liquid courage ((Coffee)). But courage can come in other forms. A word, letter, note, a task. It’s what you do that proves your courage. We all have it but just need to find it. Most people are scared of opening up and being themselves because we may get shot down.But if you forget the courage to do so, you will never know the adrenaline to take a chance and to feel that is the greatest feeling in the world. Always remember: “Hearts are Often broken by words left unspoken.”

Find your courage in love, life, faith, and your own doings and use it, after all it may turn out to be everything you ever needed and wanted in life.

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